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Yelena Antimonova

Yelena Antimonova

Yelena Antimonova (15.09.1945, Tbilisi – 03.10.2002, Riga) -  outstanding  graphic artist and water-colour painter.

In 1971 graduated from Latvian Academy of Arts, Department of  Painting.

Seascape painter E.Kalninsh was her diploma work supervisor, she studied serigraphy at the graphiс artist  Joseph Elgurt.

In 1976, she was accepted to the Latvian Union of Artists.

Yelena Antimonova participated in exhibitions from 1969 and held personal exhibitions in Riga, (1974,1982,1990,1991,1992,1993), Tartu (1978), Poland (1978), Jurmala (1983, 1986), Venice (1991). Antimonova's works are known in Switzerland, Finland, Japan, Germany, Denmark, France.

Yelena Antimonova has demonstrated professionalism in all genres and techniques. She excelled in the gracefulness of ex-libris, sentimentality of water-colours, precision in graphics which was one of the main trends in her creative activities.

Yelena Antimonova decorated and illustrated more than 60 books including classical world literature, fairy-tales, collections of poetry and also minute books of  Latvian dainas (A.Fet, S. Rubinchik, J. Rainis, W.Shakespear, Japanese fairy-tales, L.Zhdanova)

Yelena  Antimonova composed three artistic albums.

She was a person of multiple talents and high artistic productivity.


Yelena Antimonova. Photo.

Светлана Хаенко. Елена Антимонова (1993)

Светлана Хаенко. Елена Антимонова (2004)

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