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Mikhail Dmitriyev

Mikhail Dmitriyev

Mikhail Dmitriyev (1953, Riga, Latvian SSR) – a self-taught artist, master of improvisation.

A self-taught artist. Interest towards art let him realize, that art is the work and reason of his life. He started purposefully drawing at the end of 1970ies. 

He is impulsive, optimistic and productive. His works are like kaleidoscope. His drawings resemble sparklers: they ignite with cold flame, they whirl like colourful twister, they vibrate with colours and are always in dynamic and, a bit unstable, state. This is a very distinctive language of art.  

No, it is not a philosophy or a pose. It is almost always a poetry. This is a solo improvisation of an inspired artist, who got the metal taste of the saxophone or the trumpet. His works are emotionally active and beautiful like exotic birds. 

Dmitriyev participated in collective exhibitions, but also had his own, including the exhibition at the art gallery "den-art" in Helsinki. His works can be found in private collections in Finland, USA, Germany and Sweden. 

At the moment Mikhail Dmitriyev lives in Finland. 

Leonid Russ

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