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Yekaterina Gryazeva

Yekaterina Gryazeva

Yekaterina  Gryazeva (1968, Riga, Latvian SSR) – an artist.

Yekaterina was born in Riga. Her parents and the older sister came to Latvia in 1960ies. Her father, Claudius Gryazev was an engineer, and her mother Gedviga Dik – a textile artist, who also perfectly drew with watercolors. Starting from the early childhood, all three sisters (Yekaterina is one of the twins) drew a lot and with great interest, under the supervision of their mother. Thus, the matter of choosing a profession was easily solved – Yekaterina decided to become an artist.

From 1980 to 1986 Yekaterina Gryazeva had been studying at Jānis Rozentals’ Riga Art School. Afterwards, in 1987, Yekaterina enrolled into the department of graphical art of the Latvian Academy of Arts. She also attended the courses in drawing by B. Karkunov. She chose book illustration as her specialty, but being enchanted by the technique of etching, studied it as well. It was taught by professor Gunārs Krolis. In 1993 Yekaterina Gryazeva completed her diploma project under the supervision of Alexander Stankevitch. It was the series of etchings “Essay”.

After the graduation, until 1996, Yekaterina Gryazeva had been working in the publishing house "Uguns", which belonged to the Roerich Society, where she was illustrating books for children. Her first illustrations were also drawn for the children magazine “Gnom”. She cooperates with such publishing houses as "Zvaigzne ABC", "AVOTS", "PATMOS"; with periodicals; illustrates literary works; cooperates with private publishers.  

Yekaterina Gryazeva works in the technique of etching, experiments and complicates technical methods by combining aquatint and soft varnish, deep chemical milling and laconic line. The themes of her works are totally different – philosophical, with a bit of irony, lyrical, urban and sea landscapes. Her etchings are characterized by their poetics, softness, contemplativeness, aspiration towards the depiction of emotional experience.

Apart from etching, Yekatrina works with watercolor, oil painting, acryl.  

She is a member of the Union of Artist of Latvia since 1999.

Since 1992 she has been actively participating in group exhibitions, international biennales.   

In 1994 she joined the Union of Young Artists of Latvia.

In 1995 she joined the association of graphic artists "Grafikas kamera".

In 2010 she joined the society of professional artists "Oforta Ģilde".

From 1999 to 2018 12 personal exhibitions of her graphic works had taken place in Riga, Valmiera and Jurmala. The most notable of them are: “In the Colorful Labyrinth of Feelings” (1999, Riga, art gallery “Deviņi Plus”), “The Return to the Beginning” (2003, Riga, Reitner’s House), “In Search of Happiness” (2006, Jurmala, Jurmala City Museum), “The Flow of Time” (2018, Jurmala, Jurmala City Museum).   

The works of Yekaterina Gryazeva can be found in the collection of Jurmala City Museum, as well as in private collections in Italy, Russia, Germany, Poland, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Ukraine and Latvia.  

At the moment (2020) Yekaterina lives with her family in Jurmala.


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