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Vladimir Glushenkov

Vladimir Glushenkov

Vladimir Glushenkov (1948, Riga, Latvian SSR – 2009, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – a painter, graphic designer, poet and translator.

He was born in Riga in a family of Russian, Polish and German descent.

Vladimir Glushenkov graduated from Riga College of Applied Arts (sculpture class) and Latvian Academy of Art with a specialty in scenography (1976). He had been participating in exhibitions since the end of 1960ies. In 1976-1996 he had been working as a scenograph at the Latvian Television. He made designs for stage plays for the National Art Theatre of Riga (Dailes) and Riga Post-Youth Theatre (director Oleg Shkatov), for the independent theatre “Kabata”, drew posters for the cinemas “Riga” and “Spartak”, in 1970ies Glushenkov also worked as an illustrator for magazine “Liesma”. 

His wife Terezia is a theatrologist. She graduated from the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts and for many years had been working at the theatre of E. Smilgis. Children: Zigurds, Patricia, Kristina.

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