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About Our Project

The site «Russians of Latvia» is dedicated to the history, culture and actual situation of the Russian national minority of Latvia. The site is a popular, encyclopaedic, constantly renewing network directory.  Our on-line reference book will be useful to trainee, students, researchers, as well as to general public reading in Russian, Latvian or English languages. 

The directory has multi-level construction which allows to select materials starting with the historical topic or category and then proceeding to the chronology of the events relating to the selected category.

The category of «Persons» includes biographies not only of the famous Latvian Russians but also people of other nationalities who worked in the field of Russian culture, thought and created in the Russian language.

Special departments of the reference-book contain the selected publications and image galleries.  

The project is developed by the Institute of Russian Cultural Heritage of Latvia. Project’s research supervisor is Dr.hist. Tatyana Feigmane. The members of the editorial board - Marina Mikhailets, Nikolai Putilin and Sergey Tsoya.

Users of the site are welcomed to make contributions by adding the materials or correcting the mistakes found in the articles of the directory sending the message for the administration: russians.lv@gmail.com.  The administration reserves the right to reject or edit received materials.

All borrowed or quoted materials at our site will be supplied with references or names of authors. In turn we will be grateful for referring the copyright of materials or quotings borrowed on our site.

The project of guide «Russians of Latvia» is non-commercial and is supported by donations. This is the account of Institute of Russian Cultural Heritage of Latvia –

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