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Pyotr Khudobchenok

Pyotr Khudobchenok

Pyotr Khudobchenok (30th of June 1947, Daugavpils, Latvian SSR – 6th of March 2024, Daugavpils, Republic of Latvia) –  a famous craftsman in ceramics from Daugavpils.

In 1966 Pyotr Khudobchenok graduated from the Lviv I. Trushko Art College. 

For almost 30 years he had been working as the head artist of the Constructors' House of Culture in Daugavpils. At a certain point, he got preoccupied with lubok pictures. Since 1990 Khudobchenok had been working in the genre of decorative sculpture composition. 

In the course of time, he became a well-known ceramicist artist not only in Daugavpils, but also in Riga. 

The artist was brought up among the Old Belivers, which later determined the direction of his work and art.  

Some of the main themes of his works (which are known for their light humor) were taken from the fairy-tales by A. Pushkin and the comical depiction of the events of the Patriotic War of 1812. 

Pyotr Khudobchenok participated in art exhibitions, which were taking place in France, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Finland and Russia.

Artist Pyotr Khudobchenok died on 6th of March 2024 in Daugavpils, where he was later buried. 

Svetlana Vidyakina

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