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Yevgeny Terentyev

Yevgeny Terentyev

Yevgeny Terentyev (29th of March 1929, Moscow Oblast, Russian SFSR – 7th of December 1997, Jurmala, Republic of Latvia) – a painter, master of drawing.

During the World War II Yevgeny Terentyev studied at the Moscow Art College which at that time was situated in Ryazan. Despite the wishes of his teachers to continue the studies at the Academy of Arts, due to the family issues, Terentyev enrolled into the Military Academy, and since 1959 had been serving in the Soviet Army. However, during the time of service he continued to draw and presented his works on different exhibitions: All-Army Art Exhibition, which was dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Armed Forces of the USSR (1963), 20th Anniversary of the Victory of Soviet People in the Great Patriotic War (1965), 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution (1967). All of them took place in Moscow. He also participated in other exhibitions, which were taking place in other cities. His main themes were the October revolution and military, as well as history and landscape.  

At the end of 1980ies Terentyev was one of the establishers of the Baltic-Slavic Society in Riga. He was also the permanent head of art union "Antei", as well as was organizing exhibitions and participated in them himself.

In 1990ies Terentyev resided in Jurmala. 

Yevgeny Terentyev died on 7th of December 1997. He was buried at the Orthodox cemetery in Dubulti (Jurmala), not far from an Orthodox church building. 

Nina Lapidus

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