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Sergey Zinovyev

Sergey Zinovyev

Sergey Zinovyev (1952) – an artist.

In 1985 he graduated from the Department of Painting of Latvian State Academy of Arts. Despite being a student of well-known Latvian artists - Boris Bērziņš, Eduards Kalniņš and Imants Vecozols, Sergey Zinovyev managed to develop his own unique style, which in spiritual and visual aspects was different from that of his teachers. 

Starting from 1985 his works are exhibited in Latvia, England, USA, Italy, France and other countries. In the middle of 1990ies Sergey Zinovyev lived in the USA, where he was fulfilling the orders of art museums. The artist travelled a lot and drew pictures on different themes - landscapes, everyday life and, even, corrida. 

Nowadays, the remarkably attractive Old Riga with its ancient architecture, social life and irresistably romantic aura is in the center of his attention. In his works the artists gives preference to perfect and precise lines, while subtle and delicate balance of colours reminds of works by classical artists, where picture's tonality has a secondary meaning. 

In the course of many years, Sergey Zinovyev had been studying post cards, which depicted old locations and buildings, which are no longer with us. The artist uses thorough sketches and works with pencil and small brushes. Due to this technique, he managed to depict in a romantic aura and with documentry precision the House of the Blackheads, the Convent Yard, the St. Peter's Church and other buildings of the architectural background of Riga, the way they could look in his opinion. The unique works by Sergey Zinovyev make us think about the relations between an artist and history, as well as allow us to travel in time and to observe buildings and places which have long been gone. 

His personal exhibitions took place in: 

The January of 2015 in the gallery Art Studio No 1 (Riga, Avotu street 31);

At the end of 2019 in Riga at the gallery T. Art Gallery (Stabu street 44).


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