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Konstantin Andreyev

Konstantin Andreyev

Konstantin Andreyev (1914, Vologda Governorete, Russian Empire – 1981, Riga, Latvian SSR) – an artist.

He had a distinctive flair for painting and already in the 1930ies cooperated with Leningrad publishing offices and occupied the position of the head of the Bureau of Graphic Works in the Technical School if Aviation.

After the Second World War he was transferred to Riga, where he successfully graduated from the Latvian Academy of Arts.

Andreev's most meaningful works were created in the 1950ies, and the artist's own past and vision of those times affected his choice of genre. He resorted to the revolutionary and heroic themes of the Soviet era.

Andreev gave preference to ordinary worker-class people - builders, locksmiths, fitters, those, who were patriots of their country and contributedto the construction of socialism.

Along with labourers, as the main characters of his works, also lyrical motives and aspiration towards beauty,  something sublime and spiritual, also prevail in his paintings.

His favourite colour scheme  – pastel shades with the accent on black.

His creative activities in the 1960ies were characterized by landscape painting “Three boats”, “Village of fishermen”, which were close to Latvian nature and lifestyle. In these still lifes he managed to skilfully combine shape, colour scheme, dynamic brush, composition and expressiveness.

Andreyev is also famous for his graphic works.

His works are characterized with positive spirit and optimism.

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