George Kruglov

George Kruglov

George Kruglov (28th of October 1905, Riga, Russian Empire – 4th of January 1984, Riga, Latvian SSR) – a specialist in ceramics, a professor of Latvian Academy of Arts.

George Kruglov was born in Riga in a worker's family. In 1924 he graduated from Riga City Russian Secondary School, and in 1930 - Latvian Academy of Arts. He acquired the art of ceramics at the class of professor Rūdolfs Pelše. After finishing his studies in Riga, Kruglov improved his skills in Germany, at the Technical College of Ceramics in Bunzlau (now Boleslawiec, Poland). In 1932 he started working as a technologist at the Kuznetsov Porcelain Factory in Riga. Together with that, he had been improving his skills, teaching at the School of Artistic Craft, participating and receiving recognition at international exhibitions. In 1940 he became a director of a nationalized Kuznetsov Factory.

At the beginning of the war of the USSR and Nazi Germany, G. Kruglov evacuated to the Soviet rear. He fought in the ranks of 201st Latvian Riflemen Division, and after the war managed the Organizational Bureau of the Union of Artists of Latvian SSR.  

Starting from the autumn of 1944, the whole life of George Kruglov had been connected with Latvian State Academy of Arts. Untill 1974 he was in charge of the Department of Ceramics (since 1963 - the Department of Applied Arts). Professor since 1961. In 1944-1945 and 1947-1967 he was a vice-rector of study affairs of Latvian State Academy of Arts. Also, participated in international exhibitions. 

George Kruglov is burried at the 1st Forest Cemetery in Riga. 

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