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Natalia  Petropavlovsky

Natalia Petropavlovsky

Natalia Petropavlovsky (21st of August 1955, Riga, Latvian SSR – 23rd of November 2017, Riga, Republic of Latvia) –  a painter.

Natalia Petropavlovsky was born in the family of artists. 

In 1966 she enrolled in Jānis Rozentāls Art School, from which she graduated in 1973. 

In 1973-1975 Natalia Petropavlovsky studied academic drawing by Abraham Bikov and attended the studio of Vitaly Karkunov. 

In 1975 she enrolled into Latvian State Academy of Arts, where she studied the technique of watercolours and graphic techniques. She was especially fond of etching. A well-known graphic artist Gunārs Krollis was her adviser during the development process of her final work. 

Already during her student years, Natalia Petropavlovsky started participating in exhibitions, and in 1980 was accepted into the Union of Young Artists of Latvia. Her works are exhibited in art museums and private collections in different countries. 

Natalia Petropavlovsky died on 23rd of November 2017. 


Spouse - Yuri Petropavlovsky (1955-2020).

Daughters: Alina (1984), Irina (1989). 

Alina Petropavlovsky

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