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Alexey Fyodorov

Alexey Fyodorov

Alexey Fyodorov (23rd of December 1924, Yaroslavl Governorate, RSFSR – 20th of July 1997, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – a painter.

Alexey Fyodorov was born in the village of Ostankovo in a peasant family. After the death of his father in 1932, together with mother, he moved to the city of Dzerzhinsk where he finished a seven-year school. In 1939 Fyodorov enrolled into Gorky Art College and after the second year of studies was conscripted. During the World War II he served in the Navy. Fyodorov was dismissed in 1947 and returned to the College, however, due to difficult financial situation was forced to leave it and enrolled into the Penza Art College, which he finished in 1950. 

In the August of 1950 he enrolled into the department of painting of Latvian State Academy of Arts, where he studied despite financial problems. Fyodorov was overlapping his studies with work (he worked on weekends). Toghether with other students in 1951 he participated in designing the agricultural pavilion of the exhibition, dedicated to the 11th congress of the Communistic Party of Latvia. For this work he received an official gratitude from the rector of the Academy. 

Fyodorov had a good academic performance. He graduated from the Academy in 1956.

Fyodorov had been participating in exhibitions since 1956 and became a member of the Union of Artists of the LSSR in 1959. The main themes of his works were labour, war, still life. 

Alexey Fyodorov died in Riga on 20th of July 1997.

Alexander Malnach

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