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Nikolay Dyomin

Nikolay Dyomin

Nikolai Dyomin (1943) – an artist.

Nikolai Dyomin received his art education in the studio of Abraham Bikov, which he started to attend in 1965, and also in Vitaly Karkunov’s studio, into which he enrolled in 1967. He works in the technique of drawing, water-colour, tempera and oil and draws in different genres – portrait, landscape, still life. His works are known for their colorful style of painting, while his portraits are characterized by the depth of depiction of model’s psychological condition, as well as with the superior masterfulness of his skill. His first personal exhibition took place in Riga in 1980.

In 1991 Dyomin participated in the exhibition of the Soviet Culture Foundation in Moscow.

In 1998 – personal exhibition in «NELIJA» art gallery in Riga.

In 2015 – exhibition at the Baltic International Academy.

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