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 Ludmila Perets

Ludmila Perets

Ludmila Perets  (21st of February 1959, Uzbek SSR) –  a painter and a teacher.

Ludmila Perets (in the first marriage - Zueva) was born in the city of Angren (Tashkent region). Her father Vasily Perets was born in the Morozi village by Ludza. Later, the family was relocated to Central Asia and in 1965 moved to Latvia. In 1966 the family settled in Olaine, where Ludmila started attending secondary school. 

Before enrolling into the university, she worked as a laboratory assistant at the heat plant "Olaine". In 1977-1983 she studied at the faculty of physics and mathematics of the Latvian State University. Together with her studies, she worked as a laboratory assistant at the laboratory of physical and chemical methods of analysis at the scientific research institute by the "Himfarm" plant in Olaine, and later - as a teacher at Olaine Secondary School Nr. 2. Her outstanding pedagogical talent was noticed and in the following year (1980) she became a teacher of drawing. After the graduation, Ludmila Perets worked for one year at Olaine Evening School and for two years - as a teacher of physics at Riga Secondary School Nr. 72. 

At the moment of enrolling at the extramural department of the faculty of pedagogy of Latvian State Academy of Arts in the autumn of 1988, she was working as a teacher at the municipal children and youth club "Falcon" (rus. Sokol, Сокол). 

Due to her pedagogical talent and outstanding recomendations from her work places, she was accepted into the Academy within the admission plan. 

In 1993 she graduated from the Academy. Starting from the middle of 1990ies she has been conducting classes at her own drawing studio. There Ludmila Perets continues the work of her teacher, Vitaly Karkunov, over and above her own paintings, teaches on a broad range of subjects, and participates in international exhibitions.

She has been participaiting in exhibitions since 1988. Her first personal exhibition took place in 1999 at the gallery Laiva in Riga. Since than, she had organized ten exhibitions in Riga (House of the Blackheads, private galleries), Rēzekne (Museum of Culture and Art), New-York (C.A.S.F. Museum of Contemporary Russian Art), Koktebel (Museum of M. Voloshin). 

Ludmila Perets also teaches the art of drawing at the department of Biblical art at the Latvian Christian Academy in Bulduri (Jūrmala). 

Alexander Malnach

Ludmila Perets: ‘The perception of colour, which is also form and content, comes drop by drop’.

Ludmila Perets. Photo.

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