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Boris Plyukhanov

Boris Plyukhanov

Boris Plyukhanov (1911, Riga, Russian Empire – 1993, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – an active member of the Russian student Orthodox Union (1928-1934), author of the book «The Russian Student Orthodox movement in Latvia and Estonia». YMCA Press, 1933. Lawer and publicist.

Boris V. Plyukhanov: ‘The movement is not a party; political, national or ecclesiastical. It is something else, more profound. It is a new stream of spiritual life in the Russian youth; a Russian, Orthodox direction of thought and life among the Russian youth, both emigrant and those who were born, raised and live in their native localities, within the confines of the independent states that have arisen anew on the territory of the former Russian empire’ (page 91)

Биографические сведения о некоторых учителях РГРСШ (PГРГ)

Б.Плюханов. Художник-рижанин Е.Е.Климов

Б.Плюханов. Игорь Чиннов

Б.Плюханов. «Прекрасен наш союз»

About him:

Борис Владимирович Плюханов (некролог)

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