Riga branch of Benois family


Photos from the archive of the Russian women's student corporation Sororitas Tatiana: 1932-1940

Photoalbum prepared by Svetlana Frantsman and Tatyana Feigman

From the colonel to the draftsman

Pavel Seversky (Siversky) (1875-1943) - a former colonel of the Russian army, like many of his colleagues in the past, having found himself in emigration was forced to significantly change his way of life
Photoalbum prepared by David Shtubrin and Tatjana Feigmane

Photos from the Ostrouchows` family archive

Photos about the life and activities of Leonid Ostrouchow (1867-1937) -  the famous state,  public and theatrical figure in Latvia
Photoalbum prepared by Victor Ostrouchow (Germany)


Photo albom dedicated to Yuri Abyzov (1921-2006)  - the famous figure of Russian culture in Latvia
Photo albom prepared by Valery Blemenkrants

The history of aeronautics in Latvia

The history of aeronautics in Latvia
Photoalbom prepared by professor Vladimir Shestakov

The photos and the documents of Vera Bartoshevska archive

The photos  and the documents of Vera Bartoshevska archive
Photoalbom prepared  by Vera Bartoshevska

Photoalbom about Nina Kuznetsovs (Bolod`ko) childhood and youth

Photos from the family archive

Nina Kuznetsova (1914-1999)

Photoalbom prepared by Vladimir Kuznetsov, Viktoriya Matison and Tatyana Feigman

Photos from the Shalin family archive

Nikolay Shalin

Anatoly Shalin

Photoalbom prepared by Eugenia Stroganova (born Shalina) -  Nikolay Shalin granddaughter and Anatoly Shalin daughter

Pfotos from the Munkevich family archive

Kirill Munkevich

Заложник гестапо

Photoalbom prepared by Kyrill Mukevich granddaughter Eugenia Stroganova (born Shalina)
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