Photoalbom about Nina Kuznetsovs (Bolod`ko) childhood and youth

Photos from the family archive

Nina Kuznetsova (1914-1999)

Photoalbom prepared by Vladimir Kuznetsov, Viktoriya Matison and Tatyana Feigman

Photos from the Shalin family archive

Nikolay Shalin

Anatoly Shalin

Photoalbom prepared by Eugenia Stroganova (born Shalina) -  Nikolay Shalin granddaughter and Anatoly Shalin daughter

Pfotos from the Munkevich family archive

Kirill Munkevich

Заложник гестапо

Photoalbom prepared by Kyrill Mukevich granddaughter Eugenia Stroganova (born Shalina)

Photos from the archive of the Poluyan family descendants

Genealogy of Poluyan family
Photoalbom prepared by Eugenia Stroganova (born Shalina) - granddaughter of Nikolay and Anna Shalins (born Poluyan).

Paintings and water colors of Nadezhda Kashkina

Paintings and water colors of Nadezhda Kashkina (1924-2003) -  doctor of chemical sciences
Photoalbom prepared bu Milda Pormale.

I can`t depart with aviation!

Documents and materials from the history of Riga Aviation Institute (1919-1999).

Vladimir Shestakov

Photo albom prepared by professor Vladimir Shestakov, Institute of Aeronautics

Photographs and documents from the Germanis family archive

The album consists of  the documents and photos, showing the history of the Yevstifeyevs, Dzeivers and Germanis families in the period from the end of 19th century till the beginning of the 21st century. The main focus is put on the personality of the doctor Yelena Yevstifeyeva, her husband, art expert and local historian Arthur Dzeiver  and their daughter Nina Dzeiver-Germane.
Photo albom prepared by Alexander Malnach

Photos and documents from the archive of Nadezhda Fokina

Photos and documents from  the archive of Nadezhda Fokina.
Album prepared by N.Fokina and T.Feigmane.

Photos and documents from the family archive of Nikolay Preobrazhensky

History of  Preobrazhensky`s  family in photos and documents

Vasily Preobrazhensky

Antonina Preobrazhenskaya

Nikolay Preobrazhensky

Photo album prepared by N.Preobrazhensky and T.Feigmane

To the memory of Russian enlighteners

On 10 November 2014 on the blessing of  the Metropolite of Riga and Latvia Alexander,  initiative of Latvian Orthodox Church, Riga High school Nr.40 and the Institute of Russian Cultural Heritage took place the opening of the memorial board on the building of Riga High School Nr.40 (Akas st. 10) to the memory of outstanding pedagogues and organizers of the Days of Russian Culture in Latvia - Adrian Mossakovsky and Elpidifor Tikhonitsky. At the openinf of the Memorial Board was present and participated in readings E.Tikhonitsky`s grandson John Drobot, deacon  of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris.
Photo album prepared by: D.Trubeckoi, S.Tsoya, T.Feigmane
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