Photos from Anastasia Pomogaibina (1918-2004) Archive

Anastasia Pomogaibina came to Riga in 1946 together with her husband Grigory Yolkin, who was sent to work in fishing industry of the Latvian SSR. Almost all her working period was connected with fish-cannery “Kaija the leader of Latvian fishing industry.
Photo album prepared by N.Yolkina.

Documents from G.Yolkin's and A.Pomogaybina's Family Archive

Documents from G.Yolkin's and A.Pomogaybina's Family Archive.
Photo album prepared by N.Yolkina.

The Old Believers of Riga

The photo album has been prepared for the 250th anniversary (2010) of the Church of the Riga Grebenshchikov Old Believers’ Community.
Photo albun prepared by the Oldbrliviers society of Latvia and the Latvian University Institute of Philosophy and Sociology.

Photo Album of Yevgeny Klimov's Artworks, prepared by M.Saltupe

Eugene Klimoff (1901-1990) is the author of about 300 paintings, a majority of drawings, lithographs, some dozens of woodcuts and zinc engravings. Well known are his mosaic works, the best of them is considered to be «The Holy Trinity»,  which he made for the Saint Trinity Cathedral in Pskov.
Prepared for publishing on the web by T. Feigmane.

Documents from Ilya Astashkevich’s Archive (1891-1972)

The graduate of the rural school Ilia Astashkevitch all his conscious life (except his service in the Army during the First World War and later the time of imprisonment and exile in 1945-1954) devoted to the pedagogical work. Documents from the personal archives of Ilia Astashkevitch depict not only his personal destiny, but also witness the epoch he was living in.
Documents selected and prepared by T.Pavele and T.Feigmane.

Photos from Tatyana Pavele's (born Astashkevich) Album

Tatyana was born on the 20th of February 1918 in the family of teachers Alexandra and Ilia Astashkevitchs. From 1946 and till her retirement was working in the Museum of the history of Riga and seafaring/navigation, actively participating in the archeological excavations in Old Riga and was notable as one of the most prominent specialist of the medieval times.
Prepared by T.Pavele and T.Feigmane.

T.Fyodorova's Collection of Postcards (Views of Riga and Jurmala)

T.Fyodorova's Collection of 1950-60-ties years Postcards  (Views of Riga and Jurmala).
Prepared by S.Kovalchuk and T.Feigmane.

Tatyana Fyodorova's Family Photo Album

Tatyana Fedorova is the granddaughter of the merchant of the third guild Evstakhy Rastorguev, who was born in Riga in the family of the honorary citizens of the town, who had settled here soon after the reform of 1861. The presented photos reflect the life and the daily round of the ordinary Russian inhabitants of Riga in the first half of the XXth century, and partially during the Soviet time.
Prepared by S.Kovalchuk and T.Feigmane.

Photos from Riga student corporation Ruthenia


The Corporation was founded in Riga by the Russian students of the Latvian University in 1929 as a result of the split in the  Corp Fraternitas Arctica. In 1940 «Ruthenia», as all the rest public organizations, was closed. During the years of German occupation some life started again in the Corporation. In 1944 a prominent number of the members decided to emigrate to the West. Being abroad in the foreign land, they very fast restored their lost ties, the Corporation was reborn and existed till 1998.
Prepared by D.Levitsky and T.Feigmane.

Guides and Scouts

Photo album «Guides and Scouts» from the archives of Iraida Gorshkova (1918-2009). Photos, showing the life of Russian guidesand scouts in 1930s, are selected for this album. Iraida Gorshkova was anactive member of the 9s quad of Russian guides in Riga.
Prepared by I.Gorshkova and T.Feigmane.
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