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Olga Borovskaya-Pigulevskaya

Olga Borovskaya-Pigulevskaya

Olga Borovskaya (married Pigulevskaya;1892, Tula Governorate, Russian Empire – 1986, Riga, Latvian SSR) – pianist and piano playing teacher.

She moved for permanent residence to Latvia from Russia in 1924 and lived in Riga.

O. Borovskaya performed solo in the 1930-ies, took part in the concerts of the Russian Musical Association (in 1936).

Her musical technique was marked with expressiveness and high skills.

In addition, O. Borovskaya engaged in pedagogical avtivities, ran her own piano playing studio, in the 1940-ies taught at Latvian State Conservatory and for 25 years taught at special E. Darzin musical school.

She was a talanted pedagogue, a typical representative of Russian piano playing school.

Raimond Pauls was also one of her students.

Photo. Pianoplaying Chair 1947.

In the first row (from left to right) are Veronika Asere, Arvid Daugulis, Emma Eglite, Dora Braun, Valeriy Zost, Arvid Zhilinsky, Nikolay Dauge.

At the 2-nd  row (from left to right): Marc Slutsky, Olga Borovskaya, Herman Brown, Juta Daugule, Igor Kalninsh.