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Alexandra Alexandrova

Alexandra Alexandrova

Alexandra Alexandrova  (born Alexandra Ilyina; 1905, Riga, Russian Empire – 1982, Riga, Latvian SSR) –  actress of Riga Russian Drama Theatre.

Alexandra Alexandrova was born in Riga - Russian theatre actress playing in Riga Drama Theatre. She began her theatrical activities in the 1920ies on the stage of Riga Russian Drama Theatre and Daugavpils theatre. She worked till the end of the 1920ies in Daugavpils Theatre and  starting from 1930ies till 1968 in Riga Russian Drama Theatre.

During the Nazi occupation was evacuated and worked in State Artistic Ensemble, took part in the performances at the war zone. She played different roles-teenagers young women in the plays of a famous Latvian writer as Rudolf Blaumanis.

Alexandra Alexandrova performed dramatic women's roles and added lyrical touch to them, especially in the plays of famous Russian scriptwriters such as Arbuzov (“Tanya”), Afinogenov (Mashenka and “Fear”). Alexandra Alexandrova successfully performed in classic works by I.Turgenev, L.Tolstoy, M.Gorky. Alexandra Alexandrova managed to win the acclaim of the audience by playing comic heroes in N.Gogol's “Auditor”, B. Show’s  “Pigmalion”in the mature period of her activities.

Alexandra Alexandrova was awarded the title of People's Actress of  Latvian SSR in 1945.

Alexandra Alexandrova supervised the work of amateur theatres at different industrial enterprises of Latvia.

She was really a great, unparalleled, dedicated theatre actress.


Photo: Alexandra Alexandrova  in the role of Tanya in the play of the same name by A. Arbuzov. 1940.