Russian University Courses

Russian University Courses

Russian University Courses were set up in Riga in 1921 on the initiative and with the active participation of Professor Konstantin Arabazhin (1865-1929). The Courses provided an opportunity to acquire learning, similar in volume to what a university could provide, in Russian. However, the diploma issued by them did not carry any legal weight. In 1930 the Courses were re-structured into the Russian Institute of University Learning, which existed until 1937

Teachers and students of the Russian University Courses. In the first row, fourth from the left is Professor Konstantin Arabazhin.

Светлана Ковальчук. Константин Иванович Арабажин

Татьяна Фейгмане. Русские в довоенной Латвии
Сергей Цоя. Русские университетские курсы

Сергей Цоя. Русский вуз в довоенной Латвии

Сергей Цоя. Русский институт уиверситетских знаний в межвоенной Латвии

Русские университетские курсы в Риге. Краткий отчет о деятельности (1921-1922).  Рига, 1922

РУССКИЕ УНИВЕРСИТЕТСКИЕ КУРСЫ в Латвии. Юбилейный сборник (1921-1926). Второой выпуск. Рига, 1926

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