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Konstantin Arabazhin

Konstantin Arabazhin

Konstantin Arabazhin (1865-1929)  - professor of Slavic philology, founder and rector of the Russian University courses in Riga in 1921.

Konstantin Arabazhin -  descendant of the nobility of  Kyev  gub. He graduated from the University of St. Prince Vladimir in Kyev. He became a specialist in the Russian literature, founder of the first People’s University in Petersburg. Since 1913 – professor  of  Helsingfors (present Helsinki) University. In autumn 1920  K.Arabazhin was invited to the University of Latvia to read lectures on the history on the Russian literature. He also  gave lectures at Latvian People’s University, in Jewish  Conservatory, taught the Russian language and literature. K.Arabazhin is noted for his contribution to the Russian culture and education in Latvia, as a rector of the first private higher  educational institution of the Russian University сourses.

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