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Michael Andreas   Barclay de Tolly

Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly

Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly (1761–1818)  –  the Russian Field Marshal and  Military Minister  during Napoleon's invasion in 1812 and the War of the Sixth Coalition.

Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly  came from an ancient Scottish family settled in Riga in the 17th Century. 

Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly – general Field Marshal was born  on 16 December 1761 on the territory of modern Lithuania. He began military service already in 14 years and has become an outstanding commander.

In the 18th century Barclay de Tolly took part in Russian-Turkish and Russian-Swedish wars, in 1799 was awarded high military rank – General-Major.

He excelled in the battle against Napoleon near Preisish Eilau.  Commanding a division M. Barclay de Tolly manifested his military skills in many other battles at the beginning of the 1800s.

In 1810 he became military minister. He did a lot to improve the Russian army, to increase its numbers and armament.

During the 1st Patriotic war 1812 Barclay de Tolly was a commander-in-chief-and heroically fought against the Napoleon troops. His decision to recede and leave Moscow was not accepted by the public.

After the Russian-French war he took part in many other military campaigns.

His services were appreciated. In spring 1814 after the seizure of Paris he was awarded the rank General Field Marshal.

Michael Andreas Barclay-de-Tolly’s funeral ceremony was held in Riga, but he was buried on his native estate of Helm in Estland.

Michael Andreas Baclay de Tolly was awarded a number of orders of Russia and other countries (Prussia, the Netherlands, France  etc)

Monuments to him stand in Estonia, Russia and Riga (Latvia).


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