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Alexander Antonenko

Alexander Antonenko

Alexander Antonenko (1975, Riga, Latvian SSR) – opera singer (tenor).

A. Antonenko studied at the vocal department of Latvian Musical Academy and began his career in the choir of the Latvian National opera, then as soloist.

Since 2004 A. Antonenko has been making the world career. He was invited to take part in the performances in opera theatres of Europe.

He has been liked by the audience for his strong, wide-range voice and talent. He performs complicated parties of the opera by D. Verdi, P. Chaikovsky, A. Dvorzhak etc.

Latvia can be proud of such a noted opera singer.


Наталья Лебедева. Три концерта знаменитого латвийского тенора Александра Антоненко

Наталья Лебедева. «В Сигулду не приеду...»

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