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Dmitry Arbenin

Dmitry Arbenin

Dmitry Arbenin (1876, Kyev, Russian Empire – 1955, Helsinki, Finland) – drama actor, singer, opera producer.

D.Arbenin studied music at the famous foreign musicians. He worked in many cities of the Russian Empire as actor, singer and teacher. Later he got inspired by producing and worked in this position in the Grand Opera of the People's House in Petersburg.

D. Arbenin came to Latvia in 1918 to become producer in the National opera. He staged many operas by D. Verdi, R. Vagner. In addition he engaged in pedagogical activities: taught opera and drama play mimics, ran opera class in Latvian conservatory.

D. Arbenin was highly respected in the cultural community of Latvia especially as producer of the first performances in the National Opera.

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