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Mikhail Kulichkov

Mikhail Kulichkov

Mikhail Kulichkov (Ramus) (10th of February 1955, Vladivostok, Russian SFSR – 15th of May 2010, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – an artist, was a member of Riga artist group "Independent Art".

Ramus (Mikhail Kulichkov) was born in Vladivostok. In 1972 he finished Liepaja 2nd Secondary School and in 1980 graduated from the Liepaja College of Aplied Art. 

He was a member of Riga artist group "Independent Art". Kulichkov had been participating in exhibitions since 1978. His works were exhibited in Liepaja, Riga, Talsi, Tukums, Saldus (Latvia), Great Britain, Switzerland, Chicago (USA), Germany, Stockholm (Sweden), France, Denmark, Estonia. 

He also participated in the V Biennale of Drawing in Cleveland (USA). In the September and October of 1991 his works had been exhibited in San-Francisco (USA). His drawings can be found in private collections in Germany, Switzerland, Canada and the USA. 

Unfortunatelly, sudden death on 15th of May 2010 ended his artistic career. 

Leonid Russ (Germany)

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