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Gennady Sukhanov

Gennady Sukhanov

Gennady Sukhanov (5th of December 1946, Astrakhan, Russian SFSR – 23rd of November 2005, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – a graphic art, water-colour painter. Master of gravure works and a lithographer.

Gennady Sukhanov was born in 1946 in Astrakhan. He received his art education in Krasnodar.

In 1978 Sukhanov had more than ten of his personal exhibitions in Riga only. For five years in a row he had been exhibiting his works in Toronto, Berlin, Grenoble. Some of his paintings can be found at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. 

Gennady Sukhanov spent his final years in Latgale, at the "Līgo" farm in Aizkalne county. 

He died on 23rd of November 2005. 

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