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Igor Leontyev

Igor Leontyev

Igor Leontyev (12th of October 1957, Riga, Latvian SSR) – a polystylist Latvian-Russian artist.

Igor Leontyev is a graduate of Riga Art School (1976). In 1978 he enrolled into the Latvian State Academy of Arts, but did not finish it since he was forced to leave the Academy due to the pressure from the KGB of LSSR for the "antisoviet work", which was reading and spreading the literary works by Joseph Brodsky, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and other dissident authors.  

After that, he continued his studies at private art studios of Abraham Bikov and Vitaly Karkunov. 

In 1988 Igor Leontyev, together with Vladimir Pavlov and Mikhail Ramus was one of the establishers of Riga artist group "Independent Art". 

Igor Leontyev is a participant of many Latvian and international exhibitions (Russia, Austria, USA). Since 1999 he has been cooperating with art gallery Der Kunstraum. In 1991 Igor Leontyev received one of the first awards at the international exhibition "Golden Brush" in Moscow. He also cooperated with "Polaris" printing house (Riga, Latvia) by making illustrations for science-fiction books. 

His works can be found in private collections and art galleries in Latvia, Austria, Germany, Izrael, USA, Russia and Switzerland. 

At the moment, Igor Leontyev lives in Pskov, Russian Federation. 

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