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Alexey Kolosov

Alexey Kolosov

Alexey Kolosov (1864, Governorate of Livonia, Russian Empire – 1935, Riga, Republic of Latvia)  –  an archpriest.

Alexei Kolosov was born in 1864 in Venden (Cēsis) uyezd. He graduated from Riga Spiritual Seminary and became an acolyte-teacher in Marienburg (Aluksne) and Suncel (Suntaži) parishes. Was ordained into priesthood on the 14th of October 1890. Kolosov was appointed as a head of the newly established Krape parish, where he put a lot of effort into the arrangement of parish life, namely, construction of a church, clergy house and parish school, as well as arrangement of a cemetery. In 1903 he was transferred to Lemzal (Limbaži) church. In 1906 he supported participants of the revolutionary movement. During the World War I, when state institutions and certain part of the population were evacuated, Kolosov remained in his position and shared all the hardships of the war time with his parishioners. He remained the head of Limbaži parish till 1930, when after having celebrated the 40th anniversary of his priesthood, was forced to leave the congregation and retire due to health condition.  

The protoiereus Alexei Kolosov died on the 2nd of March 1935 in Riga and was buried on the Limbaži Orthodox Cemetery.

Yuri Sidiakov

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