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Alexander Veideman

Alexander Veideman

Alexander Veideman (1879, Petersburg – 1943, Jūrmala)  - philosopher. Was born in Petersburg, graduated from Petersburg University faculty of history anf philosophy in 1903. A.Veideman got a special interest in neokantianism, Hegel's philosophy. When he came to Latvia he taught ar Russian University Courses, Riga Secodary scholes. A.Veideman was an author of many manuscripts, published in Riga in different years  - "Thinking and being", "The World as conception" etc devoted to philosophical ideas

Photo from family archive of A. Veidemane's and I.-F.Subbotina's.


Светлана Ковальчук: Страницы жизни А.В.Вейдемана

Светлана Ковальчук: "Gan diena nāks..."

Светлана Ковальчук. Александр Вейдеман —  философ из Петербурга. Непарадная биография на основе архивных источников


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