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Rostislav Vinogradov

Rostislav Vinogradov

Rostislav Vinogradov (1923-1996) - professor, doctor of engineering, one of the creators of training engineers for aviation in Latvia.

He was born in Moscow, graduated from Moscow Military Airforces academy and was transferred to Riga to teach at Riga Higher Military Engineering College. In 1960 this college was transformed in to a Civil Higher Educational Institution - Riga Institute of Civil  Aviation engineering where R.Vinogradov continued to work till 1967. He defended a thesis for a doctor's degree in technical sciences. From 1967 R.Vinogradov began to work in Riga Higher Military  Aviation engineering  college as professor, head of the Chair and prorector. Later he taught at Riga Aviation Institute. His specialization was  energetics power economy, construction of flying machines. R.Vinogradov was known for his numerous technical inventions and scientific activities. He has many patents and research works published in Latvia.


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