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Nikolay Berezhansky

Nikolay Berezhansky

Nikolay Berezhansky (real name – Kozyrev; 1884, Pskov Governorate, Russian Empire – 1935, Jaunlatgale Municipality, Latvia) – journalist, political reviewer, newspaper commentator, collector of Russian folklore folklore in Pskov  and Latgalia.

He published his works in the magazine «Russian Pilgrim» (Русский паломник), in the newspaper «Sunday evening times» (Наше вечернее время).

During the 1st World War N. Berezhanky worked as military correspondent in the newspaper «Our Days» (Наши дни).

In the 1920 ies he worked in the newspaper «Segodnya» as head of the political department. Later, however, he withdrew from «Segodnya».

In the 1930 ies he got interested in collecting folklore of the local Russian speaking population of Latgalia – comparing it with the folklore of Pskov.