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Nikolay Belotsvetov

Nikolay Belotsvetov

Nikolay Belotsvetov (1863, Vladimir Governorate, Russian Empire –1935, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – an entrepreneur and editor.

Nikolay Belotsvetov started his career in the insurance company «Russia» and became the first editor of the first magazine about insurance in Russia Insurance Review. At the age of 40 he was appointed director of the insurance society «Salamandra» and gained popularity in business community.

When N. Belotsvetov moved to Riga (at the begining of 1920ies) he established a joint stock printing company «Salamandra» aimed mainly at enlightment, attachment of Russians living outside their home and culture.

Photo: The Belotsvetov brothers. From right to left: Vsevolod Belotsvetov, Nikolay Belotsvetov Managing Director of the Salamander insurance company, publisher, and Sergey Belotsvetov, editor of the «Perezvoni» magazine.

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