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Maria Bulgakova

Maria Bulgakova

Maria Bulgakova (1924, Kyiv Governorate, Russian SFSR – 2019, Riga, Republic of Latvia)  – philologist, guide, writer, participant of the World War II.

M. Bulgakova was born in Ukraine. During the war she took part un the military actions as a nurse, was heavily wounded and discharged from the army. As a participant of the World War II M.Bulgakova was awarded orders and medals. In 1946 M. Bulgakova studied in Riga at Musical J.Medin at the faculty of vocal, then at the philological faculty  of the University of Latvia.

Since 1956 she worked as a teacher of Russian in Building  college. In 1970 M.Bulgakova finished guide courses and began to guide excursions. These activities became the aim of her life. M. Bulgakova developed many interesting  routes across the former Soviet Union – the Far East, Sakhalin, Baikal etc. After retirement she devoted a lot of time to writing and published four books.


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