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Konstantin Batyushkov

Konstantin Batyushkov

Konstantin Batyushkov (1787, Vologda, Russian Empire – 1855, Vologda, Russian rmpire) – Russian poet of the Golden century.

The famous representative of the «Golden age» of the Russian poetry, one of the predecessors of A. Pushkin K. Batushkov descended from the ancient nobility. He received brilliant education.

At the beginning of the 1800 ies he became famous for his poems.

K. Batushkov was eager to serve in the army during the war with Napoleon and got this opportunity. After heavy injury he was sent to Riga for treatment where he met his great love and devoted many poems to her. Love lyrics was prevailent in this Riga period.

He continued to serve in the army but did not terminate his credo as a poet.

Unfortunately due to his mental disease K. Batushkov stopped writing poems and died in 1855 in Russia.

He was highly respected in the community of Russian intellectuals.