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Nikolay Belotsvetov

Nikolay Belotsvetov

Nikolay Belotsvetov (1892-1950) - poet and publicist.

He was born in St. Petersburg in  a well-known businessman Nikolay Belotsvetov family. So his childhood and youth were linked to creative atmosphere and this affected his love for music, painting, philosophy.

N. Belotsvetov had a special liking for German music and philosophy, mastered seven foreign languages.

He look an active part in the activities of Moscow and Peterburg antroposophic society, propagating mystic ideas.

The Belotsvetov family moved to Riga, where settled down and resumed the work in the  joint stock venture “Salamandra”.

N. Belotsvetov lived for some time in Berlin where he excelled in poetry writing and translating from German and into German.

He had fruitful creative contacts with Riga poetic community and published there his poetry collection.

N. Belotsvetov moved to Germany in July 1941 and died in 1950.


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