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Igor Vasilyev

Igor Vasilyev

Igor Vasilyev (1941, Moscow, Russian SFSR – 1997, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – an outstanding master of sculpture portrait.

Igor Vasilyev was born in Moscow. In 1953 he moved to Riga where his grandmother, sculptor Olga Penerdgi, was living. He considered a Moscow sculptor animalist Vasily Vatagin to be his first teacher and mentor. At the age of 13, as an exception, he was given the right to attend courses at the Department of Sculpture of Latvian State Academy of Arts. He studied there officially after finishing school and graduated from the Academy in 1962. He worked there as an assistant professor and a professor (1987).

Igor Vasilyev held personal exhibitions in Jurmala (1971), Moscow (1973, 1981), India (1983) and Riga (1988).

He was accepted as a member of the Artists' Union of the USSR in 1963.

He visited many countries, but loved India very much. There he was attracted by oriental and Indian philosophy and sacred knowledge. I. Vasilyev is a grand master of monumental sculpture and his masterpieces decorate many churches and cathedrals in Latvia and the USA.

His later works on biblical themes are remarkable for their spiritual depth and emotionality. 

Igor Vasilyev: ‘In the depths of my heart I worship classical art and believe that I continue its traditions. My purpose in art is to express spirit and music in sculpture. Sculpture should be the embodiment of musical resonance’.

Igor Vasilyev. Photo by Laimonis Stipnieks.

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Artists' Union of the USSR

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