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Pyotr Albedinsky

Pyotr Albedinsky

Pyotr  Albedinsky (1826, Moscow, Russian Empire – 1883, Warsaw, Congress Poland, Russian Empire) – a general, politician. From 1866 to 1870 Governor-General of Livonia, Estland and Courland.

He was born  in Moscow, got military education, was the  participant of the Crimean war. Later he was an ambassador  in France. After return to Russia was a commander of guards regiment, head of headquarters of guards army.

In 1866 he was appointed governor-general of the Baltic region.

During his service as governor-general (1866-1870) Latvia saw dramatic changes: there began industrial rise, were established the first Russian gymnasiums,  began the  first national awakening  of Latvian people (Atmoda).