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Alexander Bekleshov

Alexander Bekleshov

Alexander Bekleshov (1743, Russian Empire – 1808, Riga, Russian Empire) – governor of Riga in 1783-1789.

Alexander Bekleshov  got good military education, served in the army and the military career ladder, was awarded the rank of general.

In the 1780 ies A. Bekleshov  was a governor general of Riga and demonstrated high integrity and progressive views.

In 1789 A. Bekleshov became governor-general of Orlov and Kursk gub., then general-prosecutor of the Senate-Supreme Judicial Power of the Russian Empire. In 1804 he became governor general of Moscow but due to health problems resigned.

Alexander Bekleshov died in 1804 and was buried at the Pokrov cemetery in Riga.

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