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Pyotr Bagration

Pyotr Bagration

Pyotr Bagration (1818, Caucasus Governorate, Russian Empire – 1886, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire)– researcher and public leader, from 1870 to 1876  governor general of Livland, Estland and Courland.

Pyotr Bagration –  nephew of great Russian military leader  P. Bagration. He got military education, did research in the field of physics.

In 1870 was appointed governor-general of the Baltic region. In Riga he promoted the obligatory study of the Russian language at schools, helped Riga Polytechnic College (future institute).

In addition Bagration rendered assistance to the Orthodox Church in the region, especially foundation of the Cathedral of the Birth of Christ in Riga, the project of which was completed after his death in 1876.