The Riga Government Russian Secondary School (gymnasium)               hool

The Riga Government Russian Secondary School (gymnasium) hool

This school was founded in 1922 by the active involvement of Elpidifor Tikhonitsky, who became its first Director. In terms of the number of students and the quality of teaching it came second to the Lomonosov High School. Nevertheless, in 1935 it accepted streams of former teachers and students from that very school. Those who had begun to study at the Lomonosov High School still considered themselves Lomonosovtsy. They were in the majority and set the tone. Soon even those who had not attended the Lomonosov School previously also started to call themselves Lomonosovtsy. Thus it continued until 1945, i.e. up until the Sovietisation of the school.

School Leavers in 1937. In the centre of the 2nd row is the school’s Director, Georgy Gerbanenko.

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