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Sergey Antonov

Sergey Antonov

Sergey Antonov (1884, Riga, Russian Empire – 1956, Riga, Latvian SSR) – an architect, an artist, a decorator, a teacher.

S. Antonov was born in Riga and studied architecture in there, as well as in Saint-Petersburg. In 1920 S. Antonov returnd to Riga and started teaching at the architectural faculty of the University of Latvia, where he worked till 1954. Between 1920 and 1940 were constructed 17 of his projects. He was taking part in numerous architectural competitions and won high awards for his projects (such as the building of the editorial office of the newspaper "Segodnya", the building of "Rīts" printing house (Dzirnavu street 55/57), restaurant "Lido" on the Riga seaside, cinema "Renaisance" in Riga, the building of the Crematorium).

Among his special merits is the development of the project of Latvian pavilion at the World Exhibition in Brussels (1935) and the interior of the council-chamber of the Credit Bank, as well as the apartment of its director. Sergey Antonov also worked on the kiosks and decorative stands for the 1st Art and Industry Exhibition in Riga. He also prepared the project of the restoration works in the altar of the Nativity Cathedral.    

From 1925 to 1940-ies, S.Antonov worked as an artist decorator in the Riga Russian theatre.

He manifested himself as a gifted painter of landscapes and still lifes, as well as a skillfull graphic artist.

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