Russians in the Culture of Modern Latvia

Russians in the Culture of Modern Latvia

True culture in all its variety is a unifying, creative factor even when the progress of social development is discordant. Such was the case in ideology-driven Soviet society. The progress of the present-day Latvian state in some spheres may be complicated too. Russian cultural figures in Latvia have always had to work in difficult conditions, overcoming natural and artificial restrictions. But by their work and talent have succeeded not only in becoming part of the country’s cultural elite, but also in promoting Latvia abroad.

Наталья Лебедева. Сказки из песка

Наталья Лебедева. Шедевры русского искусства

Наталья Лебедева. Грибоедов с нами!

Валерий Самохвалов. Город с театром

Наталья Свидова. С кем вы, мастера культуры?


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