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Theodor Buchgoltz

Theodor Buchgoltz

Theodor (Fyodor) Buchgoltz (1872 -1924) - professor of Riga Polytechnic Institute, Dean of the Agricultural Department.

From 1912 to 1918 occupied a position of a dean of agricultural Department, pro-rector of Riga Polytechnic Institute.

The initial career of T. Bucholtz was connected with Moscow University where he dealt with botanics under the supervision of the famous Russian scientists such as K. Timiryazev, A. Bogdanov, N. Kulagin and etc.

The fortune brought him to Riga where there was a great demand for qualified professors in Riga Polytechnic Institute teaching sciences in Russian. He is considered to be the founder of agricultural science in Latvia.

In the 1920 ies T. Bucholtz moved to Tartu, Estonia where he died in 1924.


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