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Vitold Rayevsky

Vitold Rayevsky

Vitold Rayevsky (1929, Mykolaiv, Ukrainian SSR – 2001, Riga, Republic of Latvia) – Professor, Habilitated Doctor of History (Dr. habil. hist.).

He was born on 30 April 1929 in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. During the war was evacuated with his family to the Urals.

Vitold's both parents were school teachers of sciences-physics and maths. After the war the family moved to Riga where Rayevsky finished high school and graduated from the faculty of Law of the University of Latvia with distinction.

Rayevsky engaged in social activities with enthusiasm, headed the Komsomol unit at the faculty. After graduation he did post-graduate studies at the Chair of the CPSU of Moscow State University and defended a thesis. On return to Riga he was elected head of the Chair of the CPSU. He retained this position  for 20 years till the end of the 80-ies. Vitold Rayevsky successfully defended a thesis on the problem or the history of the sections of  Latvian communists in Ukraine, Siberia and the Urals and got a doctor's degree.

During the so-called “perestroika” and the decomposition of the Soviet Union when Latvia regained independence Rayevsky continued his pedagogical and scientific activities. He developed and read the courses “Introduction to political science”, “Parliamentarism”,  “Election system” and supervised students bachelors and masters papers.  V.Rayevsky was highly respected by students and his colleagues for his intelligence, gentle and considerate nature, dedication to his profession.


Иосиф Штейман. Витольд Раевский

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