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Vladimir Bogov

Vladimir Bogov

Vladimir (Vlad) Bogov (1976, Riga, Latvian SSR – 2023, Pskov, Russan Federation) – a local historian, philologist, public figure and publicist.

Vlad Bogov has philological education and engaged himself in the research of the Riga's history. He is the author of photo exhibition about the Concentration Camp of Salaspils and the camp of phisoners-of-war Shtalag-350 in the House of Moscow in Riga in 2010.

V. Bogov compiled a collection of documents devoted to the criminal actions of the nazi in 1941-1944 in Latvia.

He was the organizor of the exhibition "Many-faced Riga" (2010). He was  is a co-chairperson of organization Board of the Days of Russian Culture in Latvia.

In 2022 Vlad Bogov moved to the Pskov  oblast of the Russian Federation.


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