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Yevgraf Cheshikhin

Yevgraf Cheshikhin

Yevgraf Cheshikhin (1824, Orenburg, Russian Empire – 1888, Riga, Russian Empire) – a pioneer of Russian public life in Riga

First editor of the «Rizhsky Vestnik» newspaper. Author of «The History of Livonia from Ancient Times», compiler of a unique collection of works on the history of the Baltic area. Made the first translation into Russian of the chronicles of Henry of Livonia. The chronicles describe the Baltics subjugation by the crusaders. Mr. Cheshikin was the head of the St. Peter and Paul Orthodox Brotherhood, the aim of which was to support the Orthodox churches and Orthodox education. He founded the association Russian Literary Circle in Riga in 1873.

Евграф Чешихин. Путешествие императрицы Екатерины II  по Эстляндии и Лифляндии в 1764 году

Евграф Чешихин. Русские беглые люди в Курляндии в 1783 году

About him:

Светлана Ковальчук. Евграф Васильевич Чешихин


Burial place of Yevgraf Cheshikhin at the Riga Pokrov Cemetery

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