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Sergei Kruk

Sergei Kruk

Sergei Kruk born on 20 June 1968 in Sigulda, Latvia


2003    Doctoral degree in Information and Communication Sciences (Dr. sc. inf.), Université Paris-II Panthéon-Assas.

1999    Master degree (DEA) in Media and Multimedia, Université Paris-II Panthéon-Assas.

1997    Master degree (M.Phil.) in Media Studies, University of Oslo.

1996    Traineeship for broadcasting teachers, Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes CFPJ, Paris, 23 September – 18 October.

1994    Traineeship at Telecommunications College, Ohio University, Athens, OH.

1991    Diploma in Journalism from University of Latvia.


Professional Experience:

2012                 Professor, Faculty of Communication, Riga Stradins University.

2007–2011       Associated professor, Faculty of Communication, Riga Stradins University.

2006–2007       Senior researcher, Faculty of Communication, Riga Stradins University.

2005–2006       Fulbright Scholar, Indiana University.

2002                 Researcher, Institute of Media and Communication, University of Oslo, January-March.

2000–2006      Expertise of verbal and visual texts, Security Police of the Republic of

Latvia; Constitution Protection Bureau of the Republic of Latvia.

Since 1997      Advisor, lecturer at the National Public Television and Radio.

1995-2005       Lecturer, assistant professor, chair of the Department, Department of Communication, University of Latvia.            

1988-1995        Journalist, chief editor, head of the Russian section, Latvia National Radio.


Research Experience:

2007    Monitoring of news broadcasts (commissioned by the National Broadcasting Council).

2007    „Values of civil society in parliamentary discourse” (commissioned by the Soros Foundation – Latvia).

2007    „Homophobia in public discourse” (commissioned by the Latvian government).

2005    „Computerised analysis of the parliamentary discourse” (University of Latvia).

2005    „Tolerance in media and political discourse in Latvia” (commissioned by the Latvian government).

2004    „Television across Europe” (OSI-EUMAP).

2004    „Audit of Democracy” (University of Latvia and Strategic Analysis Commission).

2002    „Electoral discourse in media” (Department of Integration of Latvian government).

2002    „Monitoring of the Social Integration Process and Policy” (commissioned by the Latvian government).

2000    „Analysis of Latvian media” (commissioned by the Soros Foundation-Latvia).

1997    „Towards Civic Society” (commissioned by the Soros Foundation-Latvia).


Academic Conferences:

2012   23rd International Conference of Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies. Chicago University, Chicago, IL, April 27–29.

2011    Krišjāņa Barona konference  „Tradīcija un robežas”. Rīga, October 24–27.

2011    2nd Annual International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts. Athens, Greece, June 6-9.

2010    Russian-Latvian Relations. I. Kant Russia State University, Kaliningrad, Sept. 17.

2010    42nd Baltic Musicology Conference. Rīga, Academy of Music, October 28–29.

2010    Europe-Russia: Images, Contexts, Discourses. Rīga, University of Latvia, June 9–12.

2009    Beyond Cold War Linearities: Entangled Histories and Interactive Ideas. Budapest December 9–10.

2009    European Democracy – foundations, milestones, possible futures. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Copenhagen, June 2.

2009    RSU Academic Conference, Rīga, April 2–3.

2009    Conference on the Historical Use of Images. Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 10-11 March.

2008    Soviet Culture: A Failed Project of Soviet Modernity? Vitautas Magnus University, Vilnius, June 6–7.

2008    21st International Conference of Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies. Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, May 29–June 1.

2008    Interpretation of the Socialist Realist Art. Rīga, Art Academy, May 19–20.

2008    Culture translation, Rīga, Centre of Contemporary Art, May 9–10.

2008    Baltic Association of Media Researchers: Setting comparative Baltic-Nordic media research agenda. Kaunas, April 18–19.

2008    Culture and Dialogue, LCC International University, Klaipeda, April 11–12.

2007    K. Barons Conference „Holidays and festivities: traditions in Latvia”, Rīga,

October 30–31.

2007    Regards croisés franco-lettons sur l’Europe. Les représentations des identités

européennes et le défi de l’élargissement. Riga, Lettonie, May 25–26.

2006    20th International Conference of Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies, George Washington University, Washington DC, June 15–17.

2006    The Rule of Law. A View From American West. Denver, CO, April 19–22.

2005    17th Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research. Aalborg, August 12–14.

2004    Negotiating Futures – States, Societies and the World. University of Latvia, Riga, November 18–19.

2004    Kr. Barons Conference „Tradition and Creativity”. Riga, University of Latvia, October 29.

2004    Changing and Overlapping Identities. Riga, University of Latvia, September 17–18.

2004    19th International Conference of Association for Advancement of Baltic Studies, University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada, June 3–5.

2003    Language of Science. Riga, University of Latvia, November 19.

2003    Post-communist transformation and democratisation in Latvia. Riga, LU and BKI, October 17–18.

2003    F. R. Kreutzwald 200th anniversary conference. Tartu Learned Society, Estonia, January 17.

2002    Intercultural communication and media in search of common values. Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication, Riga, 21–23 November.

2002    Re-thinking Culture and Literature: Transnational and Comparative Spaces. University of Latvia, Riga, November 1–3.

2002    Mass Media and Communication in the e-Society of the 21st century: Access and Participation. Moscow State University, October 17–19.

2002    18th International Conference of Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, June 6–8.

2002    First Eurasian Media Forum. Almaty, Kazakhstan, April 26–28.

2002    61th Academic Conference of University of Latvia, Riga, February 15–17.

2001    15th Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research. Reykjavik, August 11–13.

2001    60th Academic Conference of University of Latvia. Riga, February 12–14.

1999    14th Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research. Kungälv, Sweden, August 7–9.

1999    Media and Democracy. Goethe Institute, Riga.

1997    Prejudice and Racism in Media. Amsterdam University, September 15–17.

1997    Media and Social Change. Napier University, Edinburg, UK, September 3–5.

1997    Media Theory and Journalism Training: Allies or Enemies? Amsterdam University, EJC, Maastricht, July 21–24.

1996    G. Merkel Conference. Goethe Institute, Riga, October 26.

1996    Post-Soviet Media. Stirling University, UK, January 13–17.


Membership in Professional Organisations:

Association for Advancement of Baltic Studies,

Baltic Association for Media Research.


Member of:

Advisory Board of the National Broadcasting Council.



M. Vulfson award for the contribution to Latvian journalism, 2006.




Russian, Latvian, English, Italian, French, Polish (basics), Norwegian (basics).


Courses Taught at the University:

Radio journalism, TV journalism, Discourse analysis, Semiotics, Sociology of culture, Theories of communication.


Academic publications:

Крук, С. (2012) «Критика концепции интеграции латвийского общества» [A Critic of the Latvian Programme of Integration], Слово.ру: балтийский акцент.

Kruk, S. (2011) „A place: geographical and social borderlines”. Pp. 42-48 in V. Michelkevičius (comp.) Generation of the place: Image, memory and fiction in the Baltics. Vilnius: Mene.

Kruk, S. (2011) „Evicting the Speaking Subject: A Critique of the Latvian Concepts of Language”, Journal of Baltic Studies 42(4):447-63.

Kruk, S. (2011) Ārtelpas skulptūras semiotika, ekonomika un  politika [Semiotics, Economics and Politics of Outdoor Sculpture]. Rīga: Neputns.

Крук, С. (2011) „Недостаток мета-коммуникации в отношениях Европа – Россия” [Missing meta-communication in the E.U. – Russia realations]. Pp .44-51 in I. Novikova (ed.) Europe – Russia. Contexts. Discourses. Images. Riga: Latvia University Centre for Gender Studies.

Kruk, S. & J. Chakars (2010) „Agency, Awakening and the Audiovisual: Broadcasting in Late-Soviet Latvia”, Central European Journal of Communication 3(1):53-65. 

Kruk, S. (2010) „Wars of Statues in Latvia: Monuments Making and Telling History”. Forthcoming in Belgisch Tijdschrift voor Filologie en Geschiedenis – Revue Belge de Philologie et Histoire 87(3-4):705-721.

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16 April 2012        

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