Olga Shilova

Olga Shilova

Olga Shilova (Šilova; 1967, Ventspils, Latvian SSR) –  a well-known Latvian sculptor. Born in 1966 in Ventspils, Latvia.

Web: www.olgasilova.lv

Member of the Latvian Union of Artists



1991 graduated from the Sculpture Dept. of the Latvian Academy of Arts. Master of Arts.

In 2003 took the professional improvement course at the University of Daugavpils Innovations in the system of higher education


Work experience

2010 - present Associated professor at the Latvian Academy of Arts

2004 - 2010 Docent at the Latvian Academy of Arts

2001 - 2004 Lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Arts

1999 - 2001 Modeling teacher at the Janis Rozentals Riga Art High-school

1984 - 1985 Drawing teacher at Riga Primary school no. 18


 2020 - Badge of honor and title "Honorary citizen of Jurmala" for his contribution to the popularization of the image of the city and its development. Jurmala, Latvia

 2019 - the third prize of the Jurmala City Council in the sketch competition Creation of highly artistic objects of the environment in Jurmala. Jurmala, Latvia

  2019 - the first prize of the Roya district Council  in the sketch competition. Landscaped square. "People by the Sea" near the branch of the Roya Museum of Marine Fisheries. Roya, Latvia  

2019 - Awarded the Order of the Three Stars of the IV degree of the Republic of Latvia and promoted to the officer of the order.

2018 Riga city council incentive award Latvia 100 environmental object by Latvian National theatre. Riga, Latvia.

2018 Incentive prize memorial plate to Archbishop Teodors Grinbergs at Ventspils state 1st gymnasium facade. Ventspils, Latvia.

2017 Incentive award Environmental object/sculpture Latvia 100 Dobele city square. Dobele, Latvia.

2016 Moscow garden revitalization. Riga, Latvia.

2016 3rd place in nomination public exterior Latvijan builders guilde award ceremony 2016. for sculpture Leste, Daugava promanade, Riga, Latvia.

2016 SIA „Dzintaru koncertzale” incentive award for proposal for “Dzintaru concert hall” small hall southern and northern galleries. Jurmala, Latvia.

2015 Third prize at Riga city council and A/S „Latvijas balzāms” contest Alberta square development concept and Abrahams Kunce memorial, Alberta square, Riga, Latvia.

2015 First place in Jelgava city council contest Jubilejas zīme “Jelgava -750“, Latvia.

2014 Riga Eastern executive incentive bonus for design contest Crow Street republic, Riga, Latvia

2014 Selected projects nomination in monumental public sculpture contest Competition for the future Park in Murcia city,Mursia, Spain

2006 First place in Riga city council contest  Livu square design object, Riga, Latvia

2005 Second Prize in the competition of the Liberation war monument , Preili, Latvia

2004 Prize of the Year in Architecture, nomination Best outdoor design object in Latvia

2002 Riga City Council Award, latvia

2000 Second Prize in the International Animality Festival in Tallinn, Estonia

1997 Award of the Trust Commercial Bank, Latvia

Solo exhibitions

Adam's apple. Rietumu banka gallery, Riga, Latvia

2018  Milda in a Three-Quarter Turn, Riga, Latvia

2016 Deposite, Cesis exhibition hall, Cesis, Latvia 

2015 Journey ( together with Tatjana Krivenkova ) XO gallery, Riga, Latvia

2015 Shapes of Riga (together with G.Pantelejev), Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

2011 Calendar of Dreams 2012, XO gallery, Riga, Latvia

2010 Calendar of Dreams 2011, Creative workshop of the exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga,         Latvia

2009 Olga Silova. Sculpture. XO gallery, Riga, Latvia

2002 Exploring the sand, Ventspils Museum, Ventspils, Latvia

2002 Distance of the kiss, Riga Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2002 Trajectory of subconsciousness, Gallery Valencia, St Petersburg, Russia

2000 In the sign of Aquarius, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

1998 Fingerprints, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

1996 Calligraphy, Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

1994 Honeymoon (together with G.Pantelejev), Gallery Daugava, Riga, Latvia

Selected Group Exhibitions

2020 - Lactation. Dome Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia

2020 - Sculpture. An object. House of Arts in Kuldiga. Kuldiga, Latvia

2020 - Art project Who is M? Building of Ventspis theater "Jūras varti", Vetspils, Latvia

2019 - Sculpture. Ceramics. Glass. Exhibition of works by teachers of the Department of Visual Plastics of the Latvian Academy of Arts, Valmiera Museum, Valmiera, Latvia

2019 - Eleven seasons of navigation. Exhibition Hall of the Livonian Order Castle, Ventspils, Latvia

2019 - Source of Power, MuseumLV Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2019 - International Mass of Contemporary Art ARTVILNIUS`19, Vilnius, Lithuania

2018 - Portrait in Latvia. 20th century. Facial expressions. Exhibition Hall of the Latvian National Museum of Art Arsenal, Riga, Latvia

2018 - Tautumeitas un Tautasdēli. Mūkusalas Art Salon, Riga, Latvia

2018 - Drawing. Kuldiga Artists' Residence, Kuldiga, Latvia

2018 - ANTI-Sculpture Park (together with students), Polish Sculpture Center, Oronsko, Poland

2017 Eskultura, Kuldiga art house, Kuldiga, Latvia

2017 Hiperrealism. LNMM exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia.

2016 Entrails, Gallery CIVITA NOVA, Lielais Dzintars, Liepaja, Latvia 

2015 Sarkanās kurpītes. Kuldīgas Mākslas nams, Kuldīga, Latvija

2015 My heart is a tiger, Gallery Art Station Dubulti, Jūrmala, Latvia   

2014 Perspective of the solar system, LNMA exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

2014 European professional doll art festival, Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

2014 Money Design. PIN Kode, The Embassy of Latgale GORS, Rezekne, Latvia

2014 Money Design. PIN Kode, Ventspils city museum in the castle of the Livonian Order, Ventspils, Latvia

2013 Monumental public sculpture competititon for the development of  the Future Levante Park in Murcia city, Murcia Spain

2012 Sculpture. From Terpis until Masurius, LMS gallery, Riga, Latvia

2012 Where is my airplane? Riga Art Space, Riga, Latvia

2012 Dolls, Ventspils city museum in the castle of the Livonian Order, Ventspils, Latvia

2012 The garden of fate, charity auction, Riga Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2011 Woman’s breath, contemporary art exhibiton of the magazine Santa, Riga, Latvia

2011 The International Mass of contemporary art ARTVILNIUS ’11, Vilnius, Lithuania

2011 Women, women, women, European Union House, Riga, Latvia

2010 RECYCLING, annual autumn exhibition, Latvian Railway History Museum, Riga, Latvia

2010 ARTNOCTURNE CNOCKE, Cnocke, Belgium

2010 HOT ART BASEL, Basel, Switzerland

2010 Golden works, exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

2009 Blue, gallery Bastejs, Riga, Latvia

2007 The hot scpecifics, exhibition hall of Mentzendorff’s House, Riga, Latvia

2005 Latvian art of the 20th cenutry’s second half, exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

2004 White concrete, Jurmala City Museum, Jurmala, Latvia

2003 Latvian Art , XX Century, Zvolle Stedeliijk Museum, Zvolle, Netherlands

2000 The International  Baltic Animalistic Sculpture Festival, Tallinn, Estonia                    

2000 International Sculpture Quadrennial Riga-2000, Museum Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

2000 Baltic Art. Contemporary paintings and sculpture. National Arts Club, New York,

          Gallery of the international Monetary Fund.

1999 15 artists from Latvia.  Gallery J&B, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1998 2nd World-wide Latvian Contemporary Art exhibition, State Museum of Art, Riga,  Latvia

1998 Chinese Pipe. Museum of Foreign Art, Riga, Latvia.

 1998  Latvian Contemporary Art. Architects Hall of Rathhouse, Prague, Czech Republic

1997 Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale. Hokkaido, Japan

1997 Riga in Contemporary Art. Exhibition-competition, Gallery A. Suna, Riga, Latvia (prize)

1997 Latvian Contemporary Art.  Grande Salle deL’Aubette, Strasbourg, France

1996 International Sculpture Quadrennial Riga – 96 Crossroads. Latvian Nationa Museum of Art exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

1996 Women Europe, Gallery Shambala, Copenhagen, Denmark.                                   

1996 Les Journees Baltes. Baltic States Art Exhibition. UNESCO building, Paris, France

1994 Contemporary Art from Latvia. Morphy Gallery Limassol, Cyprus

1991 Four Young Sculptors. Sculptors House, Riga, Latvia. 

Works in Collections

Latvian National Museum of art, Riga, Latvia

Exhibition hall Arsenals, Riga, Latvia

Royal Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jurmala City Museum, Jurmala, Latvia

Toyamura Sculpture Biennale Committee, Hokkaido, Japan

Swedbank, Riga, Latvia

Ventspils Nafta, Ventspils, Latvia

Fundacion Murcia Futuro, Murcia, Spain

Mūkusala Art Salon, Riga, Latvia

Māris Vītols Art Collection, Riga, Latvia

Works in private collections in Latvia, Cyprus,  Sweden, Denmark, Germany, USA, France

Works In Public Space

2020 - sculpture in the urban environment Swing. Riga, Latvia

 2020 - Aspasia in the dunes. Dubulti, Jurmala, Latvia

Urban sculpture Leste, Daugavas promanade, Spikeri quarter, Riga, Latvia.

Statuette Imants Ziedonis, The atrium of LNL building in front of the entrance to the Holl of Ziedonis, Riga, Latvia

Commemorative plaque Blossom, within the territory of primeschool Taurenitis, Jurmala, Latvia

Riga Tower Counter, open-air sculpture, Riga, Latvia

Mermaid and the swimmer, open-air sculpture, Jurmala, Latvia

Amberclock, design object, Liepaja, Latvia

Sculpture Kissers, Limbazi, Latvia.

Sculptural Fountain Water Pole, Cesis, Latvia

Sculpture group The Disks, ANS center of education, Riga, Latvia 

Sculptural Fountain Horse, City of Ventspils, Latvia

Sculptural Fountain The Jug, Jurmala, Latvia


2020 sculpture Swing, st.Miera 25, Riga, SIA "Roche Latvija"

2019 sculpture Adam and Eve. Jurmala. Private order

2015.g.LV Latvijas 2 eiro piemiņas monētas "Stārķis” dizaina autore, Latvijas Bankas pasūtījums 

2014 Sculpture Milda, commission of  the Bank of Latvia

2014 Author of  the prize for the project  Ziedonis Time, Foundation Viegli commission.

2013 Author of the prize and medals  for the World Choir Games

2011 Author of the prize The tree of good intentions, commission by joint-stock company          Latvijas zalais punkts

2010 Author of the prize Golden rake of the project The big community volunteer service,         commission by LLC P.R.A.E.

2010 Author of the prize of the project Latvia can!, commission by LLC P.R.A.E.

2006 Author of the prize of the year, Environment, Health, Safety, commisssion by LLC  Statoil Latvia

2005 Author of the prize for the project We are looking for the pride of Latvia

2001 The design of a 1 LS coin The Stork, commission by the Bank of Latvia

2000 The author of the prize Baltic Pearl 2000 for international film festival Baltic pearl,

        commission by LLC Artcontract

1999 The author of the prize Baltic Pearl ’99 for international film festival Baltic pearl,

        commission by LLC Artcontract

1999 The design of golden coin Javelin Thrower, dedication to the Olympic Games of 

         2000 in Sydney, commission by the Bank of Latvia

1994 The author of the prize The Seagull for the international choir festival Ventspils ’94, commision by the Ventspils City Council

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