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Ivan Alexandrovsky

Ivan Alexandrovsky

Ivan Alexandrovsky (1817, Mitau, Courland Governorate, Russian Empire –1894, Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire) – inventor of the 1st submarine with mechanical engine and the 1st torpedo in the world.

Ivan Alexandrovsky was born in Mitau (Jelgava) and already in the youth demonstrated interest in artistic activities.

But at the beginning of the 50-ies of the XIX th century the painter changed his profession. He had a flair for machinery and manifested his talent in photography, becoming one of its pioneers in Russia.

Ivan Alexandrovsky got interested in arms, especially, those which could combat enemy's fleet in war period. He designed the submarine which underwent successful trials, was good at manoeuvring under the water and on the water surface.

The inventor was awarded Emperor order for his achievements and appointed as state service technician.

Ivan Alexandrosky worked at the improvement of his submarine and at the same time designed other projects. In 1867 Ivan  Alexandrovsky devised diver’s apparatus.

After two years work at the improvement of submarine new trials proved to be successful and made the submarine sink into the water and stay underwater for 16 hours and move with fast speed.

Ivan Alexandrovsky lived a long life. After his death in his native land Courland was created the first in the Russian Empire submarine base in Libau, present Liepāja.